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Tom was raised in Carey, Ohio and now resides near Middle Point, Ohio.  Owner of Raspberry Woods Art Studio, he produces and sells paintings, drawings, and functional pottery, in addition to non-functional pieces.  His work is sold at art fairs, studio sales, consignment stores and on line.

He has been a high school art teacher at Van Wert High School for more than two decades.  In college his passion for art was stoked by very gifted professors at Bowling Green State University where he received his bachelor’s degree. Later he pursued and received a master’s degree from Bluffton College.


In 2007, Tom opened his studio while still teaching.
“When I open the door to the studio the adventure begins. Absolutely all things are possible! I am only limited by my imagination, and here in the studio there are no limits. Dreams are birthed, plans take wings, and no idea is too far out of reach. The fragile infancy of a dream may stir for a long time. Eventually a thought is transformed from an idea just floating around out there somewhere into a real project.”

He has a playful attitude toward life and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, although he is very passionate about the work he does as an artist.  Tom currently participates in local and regional juried art competitions. He recently won the William Nonnamaker Award at the Findlay, Ohio Art League, he won a 1st Place award at the Gateway Arts Council in Sydney, Ohio, he also won a 1st Place award and the Best of Show award at the Delphos Art Guild.   Tom has had a good bit of success with awards in competition, but these are only temporal things.  What he really treasures are the relationships built with the people who find their way to his studio.

As Tom looks at the landscape paintings, wildlife drawings, and the ceramic pieces that fill his studio, he remembers those who made it all possible.  “All that stirs within me has danced in the hearts of those who have gone before me.  With the work of my hands, may I honor them and the One who is forever faithful.”