Pottery Page



         Raspberry Woods pottery is made from white stoneware clay.  Once a piece of pottery is made, it is left to air dry.   Each piece of pottery goes through two firings in an electric kiln. The first is called a bisque firing at cone 04 which is 1945 degrees Fahrenheit.  The second firing is a glaze firing.  Before glaze firing, chemicals are applied to the bisque ware.  In the glaze firing, the glaze melts to form a thin layer of glass over the clay.  This makes the pottery strong and durable.  Most of the pottery at Raspberry Woods is fired at cone 6 or 2232 degrees Fahrenheit. This is about four times hotter than a conventional kitchen oven.  At this temperature, the pottery is vitreous or waterproof.


        If the piece of pottery you have purchased is meant for food, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.


        Raspberry Woods got its name from a small woods near the studio where raspberries grow wild.  The production of pottery began in the early summer of 2007.